Privacy Policy

The information presented on the site, as well as any information, is available in the so-called free access so that the visitors of the portal can get acquainted with it. For its part, the Administration creates all the necessary conditions to provide only truthful and important information, which for its part allows you to get all the answers to questions that arise. Nevertheless, errors may occur, accordingly, please treat this with understanding and increased attention.

By using the services of the site, you confirm your agreement with the rules and regulations, which are provided. You also accept responsibility for the negative consequences of what may occur as a result of being here. You visit this website voluntarily and at your own risk. All content is offered here under the terms of this document. This policy applies to any information we receive solely from you.


The following terminology and concepts may be used in this document:

  • "Personal Data Operator" - a legal entity/individual, state-type organization or body (municipal) that is authorized to process personal data.
  • "Administration" - employees and qualified professionals who manage the resource on behalf of the parent operator company.
  • "Personal data" - anything received from an individual using the services of this site.
  • "User" - any person who has access to the portal and comes here using the Internet through various devices (PCs, cell phones, etc.).
  • "Cookies" - special files stored on the User's device. Such cookies are sent from servers.


If you visit this site and use all available services, it means that you unconditionally agree with this document.

If you are not satisfied or do not agree, you should leave the site immediately.

We, the operator, are not responsible for any (third-party) resources that you link to using the links provided here.

Anything of a so-called personal nature will never be checked and will never be clarified.


It can be used for various purposes, such as:

  1. Authenticating you as a customer after you have registered;
  2. Providing comprehensive access to the various features of the portal;
  3. To establish a secure connection with the player, as well as to send him notifications and requests, as well as to provide a variety of services and receive possible questions, requests, etc;
  4. ensuring a high level of security and prevention of any fraudulent actions and determination of the exact location;
  5. Confirmation of the real information about the User that he/she provided;
  6. To open a new account and create its own account if it is authorized to do so.


There are no time limits on the processing of submitted information.

We may transfer personal information to various third party mailers or couriers in order to fulfill your request.

If legal requirements require that we share personal information with organizations or legal government officials, we may turn over confidential files.

If, due to force majeure, some data is lost or lost, you will be informed as soon as possible.

The operator uses various technical and organizational methods to store and protect everything transferred by the customer.

Both parties are equally obliged to do everything necessary to prevent possible losses and consequences caused by the loss of any data.


If a loss is incurred because the Administration has not fulfilled all its obligations with regard to the storage and use of personal information, the Administration is responsible for it.

We are not responsible for the disclosure, loss or partial leakage of data if:

  • Was public prior to the disclosure or loss;
  • Was disclosed to third parties before it came into our possession;
  • Disclosed with your consent or notice.


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Cookies help to remember everything, so you can open the desired section more quickly. They help the site remember the language used and so on. As a result, browsing any pages becomes more convenient.