Rudeus Sanches

Job Title: Writer

Twitter: @rudy_sanchesj


A lover of all things casual, gambling and near-gambling. An avid fan of such games as Coin Master, Island King, Pirate Kings, Crazy Fox, Pet Master and similar mixed genres. Earlier I used to write a lot on different themes for commercial and non-commercial sites as a staff member. But over time, I found a favorite line of work that coincided with my hobby.

Now is a unique time when we can observe the convergence of many genres and the emergence of completely new game mechanics and stylistic solutions. This is happening not only in the world of applications and the game industry in general, but also in cultural terms. These phenomena can be seen in the perception of the general public about gambling and casinos in general.

News, events, best solutions and strategies, manuals and guides, facts and controversial points - all the most relevant now can be found in my works.