Creation and development of the genre of casual games with gambling elements

Casual games are simple games with clear rules and without a plot component. The mechanics of such games are "packed" in a colorful design, and the style partly changes from level to level. Simple, repetitive mechanics of games quickly picks up the gamer and immerses him in the gameplay. No time constraints - only clear tasks and simple actions.

The market for casual games is actively improving. This is due to the addition of gambling elements. They manifest themselves in several ways:

  1. In-game machine. It is implemented on a classic principle: there are reels and symbols. With each rotation symbols change and form combinations. They can bring cash winnings or trigger certain actions: attacking villages or stealing from other gamers.
  2. Coin as the main currency. To advance through the levels, you must build villages by purchasing objects. Coins are needed for this. These are also used to buy additional spins on the reels.
  3. Team competitions. Players compete with each other for a certain cash prize. This manifests itself as a team level, and in tournaments.

Genre casual games with a high likelihood of ever being "pure. In the priority of developers to develop a symbiosis of genres. Such games are popular among the gamers - as evidenced by the record number of downloads of Coin Master, Pet Master, Island King and other games of this type.

Gameplay perception on the example of Coin Master

The gameplay in Coin Master and games of this type has a unique feature. The combination of casual and gambling elements makes the game interactive. This affects the overall perception of what is happening.

Gamers perceive the progression through the levels and the accumulation of coins as a kind of quest. Its tasks are simple: to build objects you need coins, to get coins you need to rotate the drum, attack villages and participate in events. At the same time in the games remains an element of surprise. For example, when playing Coin Master, there is always the risk of an attack by other users - because of this you can lose money.

The element of "surprise" remains in the events. You never know what number of coins will fall out, what cards are hidden in the chests and what villages await in the next level. Separately, it is worth noting the elements of interactive games: users can communicate with other players, exchange cards, rewards, team up.

Even with the genre symbiosis, the gameplay is perceived as a whole. Each element of the game implemented organically, so the overall picture does not stand out.

Innovations of game systems

Simple casual games now a few people interested. The market is actively developing and gamers are becoming more and more demanding. Therefore, developers have to reinvent themselves and add to the game systems innovation. Let's take the example of the Moon Active studio - the creators of the game Coin Master and the novelty Pet Master:

  • Adding a story component. In Coin Master there is no plot as such - players progress through levels, collect coins and buy objects for villages. Pet Master has a main character who will accompany the player in the exploration of different worlds. In comparison, Coin Master was released in 2016 and Pet Master in 2022 - confirming the trend toward innovation.
  • Emphasis on trophies. Making the gameplay more interactive is helped by the achievements and trophies available in the games. In the games of Moon Active these trophies are sets of maps - there are more than 500 + and each of them is unique. Noteworthy are the quest-winners: the system of villages/worlds is based on this principle: the player must buy all the objects to pass the level.
  • Interaction with other gamers. The first casual games left users in "solitude" - they passed levels, accumulated money and bought objects. In games of the new format, including Coin Master, the player gets the opportunity to become a member of the team. This has a positive effect on the gameplay, making it many times more exciting.

If we talk about the innovations of casual games, we can note the higher requirements for stylistics. Just a pretty picture now, no surprise. It should be situational, that is, vary from location to location. Each design element must be like a puzzle that influences the overall stylistics. This applies not only to graphics, but also to animation with musical accompaniment.

Casual games and social casinos - which is more popular?

Social casinos are gradually receding into the background, leaving the primacy to casual games. This transition in popularity has been going on for several years and has several reasons. Before we consider them in detail, we propose to clarify once again what a social casino is.

Let's be brief - these are sites where you can play slot machines without using real money. The resulting winnings cannot be withdrawn. In such casinos, you can interact with other users. This makes the sites similar to casual games. The features of social casinos include:

  • presented not only slot machines, but also card and table games;
  • no money risks;
  • no registration is required;
  • You can play with friends;
  • adaptation to all devices.

Casual games managed to become more popular because of the use of in-game mechanics. These include not only the in-game machine, but also the level system with bonus options. The emphasis on these mechanics has also influenced the development of social casinos.

Sites are gradually moving away from the "pure" casino concept and adding interactive elements. This manifests itself in the possibility to play with friends. Gamers can share experiences and simultaneously run game sessions on different devices. Features of games can be discussed on forums or in special chats.

Attracting an audience of different ages

Coin Master is a game that will be interesting to gamers of all ages, including children. Such "universality" cannot be boasted by social casinos and other platforms of this type. There are age restrictions in casinos - only those players who are 18 years old can register. At some sites, the minimum age allowed is 21.

Even taking into account the age restriction for downloading Coin Master - from 12 years and above, the game is popular among children. Contributes to this gameplay, colorful, cartoonish design and interactive elements. Moon Active Studios is actively working to attract an audience of different ages. This manifests itself in several ways:

  1. Lowering the age limit. The game has a minimum of moments that negatively affect the psyche of the user. Play in Coin Master allowed children over the age of 12 years.
  2. Adaptation of gambling elements. The game belongs to the casual genre, which leads over the others. The gambling elements are there, but not conspicuous. This minimizes gambling addiction and makes parents of children loyal to the game.
  3. Design. At first glance at the stylistics of Coin Master, bright animation effects catch the eye. This simple design will appeal to gamers of all ages. The advantage is the developers' emphasis on small details.
  4. An element of competition. Team interaction and participation in tournaments is interesting to older users. So they can show their team skills and play in the company of friends or other gamers.

Coin Master game definitely managed to make a contribution to the development of social casinos. At the same time, the mechanics of casual games are also related to casinos. This confirms the idea of genre symbiosis and interactivity of games. As a conclusion, Coin Master has managed to lead the market for many years.